Calculate Days Of Zero Stock – Power BI Inventory Management Insights

Calculate Days Of Zero Stock – Power BI Inventory Management Insights

In the world of Power BI Inventory Management, there exists a unique piece of analysis: calculating the days of zero stock. In this tutorial, you'll get a chance to delve into this idea through a query on the Enterprise DNA support forum. Essentially, this analysis seeks to work out the number of days where inventory is depleted and no stock is on hand.

Through the use of Power BI, you'll learn how to create interactive reports that utilize various visualizations to help you better understand your inventory management. By the end of this tutorial, you'll have equipped yourself with a powerful tool that allows you to manage your inventory more effectively and avoid costly stock-outs.

If you're a business owner, manager, or analyst looking to streamline your inventory management, this tutorial is your ticket to success. So go ahead and watch the full video at the bottom of the blog to start learning how to calculate days of zero stock in Power BI Inventory Management.

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