Mastering DP-500: Score ML models in Synapse with PREDICT function!

Mastering DP-500: Score ML models in Synapse with PREDICT function!

This post delves into the often-overlooked capability of predictive analytics within the Synapse Analytics platform. Although not primarily designed for Machine Learning workloads, Synapse can still be leveraged for predictive analytics by using the PREDICT function present in the Dedicated SQL pool. Through the integration of this function, data analysts can score their Machine Learning models and generate predictions.

If you're looking to build a more comprehensive Machine Learning workflow, Synapse Analytics might not be your go-to platform; however, with the PREDICT function, it's possible to extract valuable insights from stored data. This function enables you to hone your models, enhancing their accuracy and efficiency over time, and ultimately gain better insights into your business.

So, whether you're a data analyst or an ML enthusiast, this post provides a practical guide on how to leverage Synapse Analytics to perform predictive analytics by utilizing the PREDICT function.

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