Episode 472 - Azure Vector Search Unveiled

Episode 472 - Azure Vector Search Unveiled

In this episode, Farzad Sunavala, a Senior PM in the Azure Cognitive Search team, unveiled the new Vector Search feature on Azure. Vector search is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance the capabilities of your Open AI apps. Farzad explained some of the key concepts of Vector search and how developers can easily take advantage of it to elevate their data search capabilities.

You can listen to the episode by clicking on the following link:


In addition to this exciting update, the episode also includes other Azure updates released recently, such as:

  • Azure App Configuration public preview release of snapshots feature
  • Azure Container Apps supports additional TCP ports (public preview)
  • Azure Container Apps Jobs have become generally available
  • Azure Functions .NET worker cold-start improvements (public preview)
  • Azure Functions .NET 8 support in Linux Plans (public preview)
  • Auto-upgrade scheduled maintenance for AKS
  • Azure SQL updates for late August 2023 are generally available

For more details on these recent updates, you can check out the links provided in the episode description. Tune in to discover more exciting Azure updates!

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