Change Data Capture and Managed Airflow in Azure Data Factory | Azure Friday

"Change Data Capture and Managed Airflow in Azure Data Factory | Azure Friday" is a video focused on showcasing how Change Data Capture (CDC) and Managed Airflow can be used in Azure Data Factory to efficiently track changes in data and automate workflows. Azure Data Factory is a cloud-based platform for data integration that allows data engineers to ingest, transform, and load data from multiple sources seamlessly.

In this video, the hosts explore how CDC can be used to efficiently capture and track changes in data by identifying inserted, updated, and deleted records in real-time. This enables data engineers to respond faster to changes, as well as automate workflows to update downstream systems that need to be informed of data changes.

Additionally, the hosts dive into Managed Airflow, a new feature in Azure Data Factory that enables customers to autogenerate workflows in Airflow. With Managed Airflow, data engineers can also orchestrate workflows in a serverless environment, reducing overhead costs and complexity. Additionally, the platform provides flexible scaling capabilities and built-in monitoring tools that enable data engineers to effectively manage and orchestrate workflows.

In summary, if you're a data engineer looking to streamline workflows, foster collaboration between teams, and increase efficiency in data integration, this video provides valuable insights into how Change Data Capture and Managed Airflow can serve as powerful tools in meeting these needs.

The link to the video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaWlhlReoA8.

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