Demystify of cmdlets

Demystify of cmdlets

If you're new to Microsoft Azure and are curious about cmdlets, this article provides an insightful overview of these powerful tools. While working with the cloud, you might have come across cmdlets and mistaken them for command prompts. However, cmdlets are fundamentally different and are a crucial part of automating administrative tasks and managing resources.

This article demystifies cmdlets and highlights their role in managing Microsoft Azure resources. Notably, Microsoft Azure provides three different administrative tools to automate and monitor Azure resources: The Azure portal, The Azure CLI, and Azure PowerShell. PowerShell, specifically, extends the traditional command shell by providing an object-oriented automation engine and a robust scripting language that helps administrators configure and automate administrative tasks.

Cmdlets, short for "commandlets" are the basic unit of work in PowerShell, with each cmdlet performing a particular task. They are specialized .NET Classes that have mandatory and optional parameters governing their operations. Moreover, cmdlets are lightweight scripts that perform a single operation while leaving the door open for administrators to configure and manage resources on the Windows Operating System or applications.

In summary, this insightful article dives deep into cmdlets and underscore their importance in managing Microsoft Azure resources. By providing a simple implementation framework that automates repetitive tasks and batch jobs, cmdlets free up time and resources for IT administrators, enabling them to focus on other critical tasks.

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