Episode 89: We Look Back on 2023

Episode 89: We Look Back on 2023

In this podcast episode, the hosts reflect on the year 2023 and discuss what stood out for them personally. The episode also includes an intriguing discussion on EQ vs IQ, which may pique the interest of all the geeks out there. If you're curious about the perspectives and opinions of others regarding the past year or simply interested in expanding your knowledge, check out this podcast!

Don't forget to tune in until the end to catch all the juicy details.

The podcast episode titled "Episode 89: We Look Back on 2023" is available for streaming on Spotify.

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The Azure Security Podcast
The Azure Security Podcast

A twice-monthly podcast dedicated to all things relating to Security, Privacy, Compliance and Reliability on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Hosted by Microsoft security experts, Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriguez and Mark Simos. https://azsecuritypodcast.net/ ©2020-2021 Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriquez, and Mark Simos.

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