No Passport Required with Chinmay, Nariman, Sarah-Ann and Ambrosia

No Passport Required with Chinmay, Nariman, Sarah-Ann and Ambrosia

UPWARDS is concluding its second season with a special global episode that highlights the beauty of connection and learning from different cultures. The episode features four guests - Chinmay, Nariman, Sarah-Ann, and Ambrosia - from around the world, celebrating what makes us different and unique through their stories and experiences.

Living on a big rock such as Earth can make us feel disconnected, but through embracing diversity and connecting with people around the world, we can support empathy, understanding, and learn more about ourselves. The episode showcases how powerful it can be to connect with people from different backgrounds and cultures, and how it can inspire us to grow and learn.

If you're looking to broaden your understanding and appreciation of the world, this special global episode of UPWARDS is a must-watch. Join Chinmay, Nariman, Sarah-Ann, and Ambrosia for an inspiring discussion that provides a glimpse into different cultures and ways of life.

Check out the episode now at https://aka.ms/microsoftaspireexperience.

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Welcome to UPWARDS, sponsored by the Microsoft Aspire Experience, where we share stories and insights to help you grow 1% better, in your personal and professional life, every episode.

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