Power BI What If Parameter For Data Models

Power BI What If Parameter For Data Models

This article is all about making your Power BI data models more dynamic by integrating scenarios into the analytics. The key tool for this purpose is the What If Parameter feature in Power BI. By adding this parameter to your reports as slicers or referencing them on DAX expressions, you can create scenarios and predictive analysis that add depth and usefulness to your dashboards.

With this feature, you can create hypothetical scenarios, make assumptions, and test different variables to see how the data or insights may change. These variable simulations can then be reflected in your dashboards, enabling you to make more informed business decisions based on these various hypothetical scenarios.

So, if you want to make your Power BI data models more versatile and empower your users to explore hypothetical scenarios, this article provides a practical overview of the What If Parameter feature and how it can be integrated into your reports.

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