What’s new: Power Apps February 2024 Feature Update

What’s new: Power Apps February 2024 Feature Update

Stay up to date with the latest features in Power Apps with the February 2024 feature update. This blog post serves as a comprehensive summary of new product features, community developments, and learning updates for the month. Whether you're a maker, Copilot, pro dev, or an end user, this month's updates are sure to excite.

The feature update includes tools to make it easier for makers to create apps, including improved integration with Microsoft Teams and an enhanced visual designer. For pro devs, new capabilities have been added to enable low-code extensibility across Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Additionally, end users now have access to a more personalized and connected experience with Power Apps.

Overall, this month's feature update showcases Power Apps' commitment to ongoing innovation and improvement, making it easier than ever to build powerful apps that meet your unique needs. Check out the post for all the details!

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Business Apps | Microsoft Power Apps

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