Episode 90: AI Red Teaming

Episode 90: AI Red Teaming

If you're interested in AI security and want to stay updated on the latest attacks against large language models, then this podcast episode is a must-listen. In Episode 90, the hosts cover news related to Azure SQL DB, Trusted VMs, NetApp Files, Azure Load Testing, and Front Door. Mark, one of the hosts, also provides in-depth details about Zero Trust and the CISO Workshop.

The Microsoft Azure Security Podcast is the perfect platform to stay up-to-date on the latest AI security trends. This episode also contains an exhaustive list of AI security links that you can peruse.

Overall, Episode 90 is a must-listen for anyone involved in products that use AI or anyone who is curious to learn more about the latest AI attacks. The content of this episode is informative, relevant, and highly engaging, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in AI security.

You can listen to the full episode on Spotify by following this link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1B7JP6IPoTY8QX0Y0xZpTK

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The Azure Security Podcast
The Azure Security Podcast

A twice-monthly podcast dedicated to all things relating to Security, Privacy, Compliance and Reliability on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Hosted by Microsoft security experts, Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriguez and Mark Simos. https://azsecuritypodcast.net/ ©2020-2021 Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriquez, and Mark Simos.

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