Understanding Evaluation Context in Power BI

Understanding Evaluation Context in Power BI

If you're looking to understand DAX in Power BI, the most crucial concept to grasp is context. In this tutorial, you'll delve into the three main types of context that drive DAX calculations: evaluation context, filter context, and row context.

When DAX calculates something in Power BI, it follows a two-step process. At first, it evaluates tables and column values in the evaluation context. Then, applying filters to the data it creates a filtered set in the filter context. In the final step, DAX cycles through every row in the filtered set, computing results for each row as it goes.

If you want to effectively manipulate and analyze data, it is paramount that you understand these contexts and how they interact with each other. By adopting the tips and best practices outlined in this tutorial, you'll gain the insight you need to craft data models that not only inform but also inspire.

So whether you're a seasoned data analyst or just getting started with Power BI, this tutorial serves as your guide to navigating and mastering DAX evaluation context.

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