Delegate the Mailbox Approval Process

Delegate the Mailbox Approval Process

The mailbox approval process just got a major update - now, it can be delegated to another user without needing a Global or Exchange admin. This feature is part of Server-Side Synchronization, which allows Dynamics or Power Apps users to sync emails, appointments, contacts, and tasks with Exchange. With this new update, users can empower someone else to handle mailbox approvals without the need for administrative access.

This update offers huge benefits for organizations looking to streamline their mailbox approval process and distribute responsibilities more effectively. By delegating the approval process, team members can spend more time on other tasks while ensuring that emails are being synced and managed efficiently. If your organization uses Dynamics or Power Apps and Exchange, this update is definitely worth exploring to enhance your productivity and workflow.

To learn more about how to delegate the mailbox approval process using this new feature, check out the official PowerApps blog.

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