March skilling snacks: Bite-sized learning for IT pros

March skilling snacks: Bite-sized learning for IT pros

Enhance your IT skills with bite-sized learning in the form of skilling snacks for the month of March. Discover more about Windows Server security and Copilot basics for Windows in this month's updated learning series, which features available resources on various topics that you can consume in under two hours each. This professional development opportunity caters to individuals of all skill levels, from entry-level to senior and seasoned professionals.

The Windows skilling snacks aim to assist IT pros in mastering all things Windows by publishing new topics every other week. To take advantage of this opportunity, bookmark the series library to keep track of topics that interest you and learn at your own convenient time. The updated skilling snacks for this month are Windows Server security and Copilot in Windows for IT admins. Check out the full library of topics in the Windows skilling snacks: bite-sized learning for IT pros to upskill yourself.

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