Announcing public preview of Auto Updates for Power Apps Dynamics CE

Announcing public preview of Auto Updates for Power Apps  Dynamics CE

The public preview for app auto updates is now available for Power Apps and Dynamics CE, according to an announcement by Microsoft. This new feature is designed to automate the process of updating apps, saving time and reducing errors that may occur during manual updates.

The auto update feature ensures that all users are using the latest version with the newest features and fixes, reducing the risks of running outdated apps. Developers can now schedule release updates and test them before they get deployed. With automatic updates, productivity is improved as less time is spent on manual app updates, and businesses can stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

This feature is likely to be a hit with the Power Apps and Dynamics CE communities, allowing developers to focus on creating new apps and features, while the app auto update feature handles updates seamlessly, ensuring users have the best possible experience.

Visit the official Microsoft blog to learn more about the public preview of auto updates for Power Apps and Dynamics CE.

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