Behind the Tech: 2020 Year in Review

Behind the Tech: 2020 Year in Review

The "Behind the Tech: 2020 Year in Review" takes a look back at some of the most inspiring conversations that explore how technology can improve life on earth. These insightful conversations cover a wide range of topics, from artificial intelligence to synthetic biology. Throughout the year, guests shared how they leverage technology to make our world a better place.

Listeners tuning in will learn about some of the fascinating ideas and tools that these tech innovators have been working on. Whether you're interested in the latest developments in the tech industry or in improving society through cutting-edge technology, this episode is a must-listen.

Join Kevin Scott in this captivating podcast as he chats with inspiring guests who dare to push the limits of what is possible with technology.

Check out the transcript to follow along with the discussions. Listen now on Spotify, "Behind the Tech: 2020 Year in Review."

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Behind The Tech with Kevin Scott
Behind The Tech with Kevin Scott

Behind the Tech invites listeners to geek out with an amazing line-up of tech heroes who have made our modern world possible. Join Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott as he takes tech enthusiasts of all ages behind-the-scenes with innovators & pioneers. Find out what inspired them to create tech that has had an impact on the lives of developers & folks around the world.

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