From Commerce to Microsoft Excellence with Siddharth Vaghasia

In this interview, you'll hear from Siddharth Vaghasia about his journey from Commerce to Microsoft Excellence. He shares insights into his background, how he navigated his path to success, and his experience working with Microsoft. It's a fascinating conversation that sheds light on the world of tech and the vast career opportunities available within it.

Siddharth Vaghasia's story is one of resiliency and a testament to the ability to pivot towards new career paths. Although he began his journey with a background in Commerce, he was able to develop a deep interest in technology and eventually make the switch to working with Microsoft. His wealth of experience can inspire anyone looking to explore new opportunities and grow their skillset.

This interview is a must-watch for anyone curious about how to break into tech or looking to gain insights into the world of Microsoft technology. By listening to Siddharth Vaghasia's experiences, viewers can expect to walk away with an understanding of the industry and the challenges and rewards of working with Microsoft.

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