Turbocharge Your Power BI Premium Gen2 Capacity Metrics App

Turbocharge Your Power BI Premium Gen2 Capacity Metrics App

If you're a Power BI admin responsible for managing Premium capacity, the Power BI Premium Capacity Utilization and Metrics template app can be a helpful tool. However, the current version of the app only offers a limited number of features, which may not be sufficient for your needs.

In this post, you'll discover how to supercharge the Power BI Premium Gen2 Capacity Metrics app and unlock features that can dramatically enhance your capacity monitoring and management capabilities. You'll learn how to leverage dynamic parameters, optimize your data model, and gain more granular insights into your capacity utilization metrics, among other things.

By applying these turbocharged techniques, you can gain a more fine-grained view of your capacity consumption, stay ahead of any potential issues, and manage your enterprise's resources more effectively.

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