Power Apps announces new Copilot abilities, modern controls, and governance tools at the Power Platform Conference

Power Apps announces new Copilot abilities, modern controls, and governance tools at the Power Platform Conference

The Microsoft Power Platform Conference brings exciting new updates to Power Apps including new Copilot abilities, modern controls and governance tools that will take your app creation experience to the next level.

The updates span across a variety of AI, governance, and modern UX features that empower everyone to build apps. One exciting update is the Copilot feature which uses AI-based automation to suggest formulas, point out errors, and complete apps faster.

Moreover, modern controls are now available to help both coders and non-coders craft apps with pre-built modern controls easily. Governance is also enhanced in this update, making it easier to govern Power Apps environments and monitor app usage while keeping data secure.

With this Power Apps update, users can build apps more efficiently, securely, and with more ease, thereby reducing the overall time and resources required to create and manage apps. So, whether you're a seasoned app creator or a beginner, this update is sure to help empower you in your app building journey.

Visit the official Microsoft Power Platform Conference website to learn more about Power Apps and its latest features.

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