Power Apps for Non-For-Profit with Adam Cunningham

Power Apps for Non-For-Profit with Adam Cunningham

This podcast episode features Adam Cunningham, who shares his experiences and insights regarding Power Apps for non-profit organizations. Adam's background and interests are introduced, along with his career path and how he got into the Power Platform and other technologies.

The conversation then turns to the use of Power BI for reporting instead of Excel, and Adam discusses his journey so far and how his organization is run. He also shares his experience with licensing and talks about his backlog.

Adam then delves into the usage of Power Portal, and whether his apps are deployed on Teams or IOS. Towards the end of the episode, he offers valuable advice for non-profit organizations and discusses his community involvement in Australia.

If you're interested in learning more about Power Apps and its usage, this podcast episode is a great resource filled with relevant insights by an expert in the field.

Link to the podcast episode: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2KFnw1hIfJklE4URGWhKHX

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Microsoft Business Applications Podcast
Microsoft Business Applications Podcast

The Microsoft Business Applications Podcast is an education, technology, business and career podcast for the Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and those that work with these digital transformation tools. The format is guest interviews with Microsoft, Community, and experts who work with Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Dataverse and Power Virtual Agents. The podcast has three shows that are released twice weekly. #Power365Show #PowerPlatformShow #MVPShow https://podcast.nz365guy.com

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