Mark Seemann: Code That Fits In Your Head - Episode 189

Mark Seemann: Code That Fits In Your Head - Episode 189

In this podcast episode, Jeffrey Palermo sits down with Mark Seemann, a Danish software developer based in Copenhagen, to discuss his new book, Code That Fits In Your Head. Mark shares his professional interests, including functional programming and software development in general, and the thought process behind writing his book. He emphasizes the importance of considering the long view when creating value for businesses and shares tips for getting started with a new application, including how to automate the build process. Mark also touches on the resistance some developers may feel when learning something new, and shares his advice for younger programmers. Tune in to discover more about Mark's approach to software development and his insights into the field.

For those interested, Mark is the author of two books: Dependency Injection .NET and Code That Fits In Your Head. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this podcast is a valuable resource for anyone in the software development field.

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Azure DevOps Podcast

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