Microsoft 365 Community Conference event guide: Keynote, AMA, sessions, and more

Microsoft 365 Community Conference event guide: Keynote, AMA, sessions, and more

Join in: The Microsoft 365 Community Conference in Orlando, FL | April 30 - May 2, 2024 | aka.ms/M365Conf24 – Sponsored by Microsoft.Join in: The Microsoft 365 Community Conference in Orlando, FL | April 30 - May 2, 2024 | aka.ms/M365Conf24 – Sponsored by Microsoft.

  • WhatMicrosoft 365 Community Conference 2024
    • Register today | Note: Use the MSFTCOMMUNITY discount code to save $100 USD.
  • Content: 1 Microsoft keynote + 1 AMA || 150+ overall sessions – 88 Microsoft-led sessions (see all below in product-area buckets) | 18 full-day workshops (pre-day and post) - 4 supported by Microsoft
  • When & whereApril 30 – May 2nd, 2024 
    • In-person: Orlando, Florida – Swan & Dolphin Resort – Disneyworld
    • Workshops: April 28, 29, and May 3, 2024
  • Twitter & hashtag@M365CONF | #M365Con
  • Cost$1,899 - full conference (Includes 3 continental breakfasts, 3 lunches, a T-shirt, and backpack. Additional costs for full-day workshops.)


We have been humbled by the customer adoption and excited to see you grow your careers and impact on your organizations. The Microsoft 365 Community Conference (#M365Con) is a wonderful place to get together with the best community in tech – to see old friends, meet new friends, compare notes on best practices, go to the amazing Expo Hall and learn from our partners and see their latest solutions.
– Jeff Teper, President – Collaborative Apps and Platforms – Microsoft


Why attend?

  • Discover the latest innovations in AI and learn best practices from Microsoft’s product makers to boost your productivity, creativity, and collaboration. 
  • Build your Microsoft 365 skills and knowledge through hands-on demos and workshops that will equip you with the tools you need to take your work to the next level.
  • Network with thousands of Microsoft experts, MVPs, industry leaders, and the best community in tech.


Join Microsoft and community experts in-person, in one place. The Microsoft 365 Community Conference returns to Orlando, FL, April 30 – May 2, 2024 – with two pre-event and one post-event workshop days. It’s a wonderful event dedicated to Copilot and AI, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Viva, Power Platform, and related Microsoft 365 apps and services. Plus, a full Transformation track for communicators, HR, and business stakeholders in workplace experience.


You’ll hear the latest product updates and guidance from over 175 Microsoft product makers — filled with real-world solutions across keynotes, sessions, and pre/post event deep-dive workshops to build your expertise – presented alongside Microsoft MVPs and community experts. We hope you join in to learn, share, and engage –including evening gatherings, the attendee party, and Microsoft will have a dedicated, fully-staffed product booth and community space within the Expo Hall alongside all the wonderful event sponsors.


We recently grabbed time with Jeff Teper (President of Collaboration Apps and Platforms at Microsoft) to share his ideas and thoughts on the value of the Microsoft 365 Community Conference 2024:


Microsoft keynotes, sessions, and workshops: Copilot/AI, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Viva, Power Platform, D&I, and related technology


Microsoft keynote, general sessions, and AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything)

Hear from Microsoft leadership revealing the latest innovations shaping the flexible, innovative, and secure business environments of the future. [all times listed in PT]


  • OPENING KEYNOTE | “Age of Copilots” with Jeff Teper (President of Collaboration Apps and Platforms) | Tuesday, April 30th, 8:00am – 9:30am [MSKEY01]
    • Copilot for Microsoft 365” with Bobby Kishore [Link coming soon]
    • Transform workplace experience: Strategies and best practices” with Steve Clayton [Transformation track]
    • Content and collaboration experiences” with Omar Shaine and Chris McNulty [Link coming soon]
    • Microsoft Teams innovations and opportunities” with Manik Gupta [Link coming soon]
    • What’s new and next for Microsoft Viva and the employee experience” with Kirk Gregersen [Link coming soon]
  • Microsoft AMA” with Jeff Teper and numerous product leaders| Wednesday, May 3rd, 4:15pm – 5:15pm [MSAMA]


:cool: Register today | Note: Use the MSFTCOMMUNITY discount code to save $100 USD.


Microsoft-led breakout sessions [Each 60 minutes]

Take the opportunity to select the sessions best suited for your role and interests. All breakouts bring product updates, demos, customer stories, best practices, and insights into product and solution strategy – including guidance on the future.


You can review all sessions and the unique set of Microsoft-led sessions – all of which are listed below in this guide. We will keep everything up to date as there are still a few embargoed sessions :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes::


Copilot and AI [sessions]

It is crucial to ensure your organization is technically ready for the full potential of Copilot for Microsoft 365. The sessions below focus on technical readiness and ensuring you have the latest guidance. Our experts will share best practices and provide guidance on how to leverage AI and to maximize the benefits of Copilot within your organization. 



SharePoint, SharePoint Premium, and Power Platform [sessions]

Join us to learn how AI-powered content management in Microsoft 365 enables content intelligence, optimizes critical business processes, improves governance, and prepares your content for Copilot. Below is a subset of content related to SharePoint – each has a little or a lot of SharePoint to spare and share :). 



OneDrive, Lists, Stream, Planner, and related technology [sessions]

When, where, and how we work are fundamentally changing. It’s time to consider reshaping the future of work, and for decades to come. Learn about the latest product updates benefitting teamwork, file and information management, and other task management capabilities across Microsoft 365. The goal is to help you get informed, stay connected with your peers, and work smarter.



The Transformation track for communicators, HR, and business stakeholders in workplace experience [sessions] + full details

Dive deep into strategies, insights, and best practices to modernize communications and engage employees. Develop an actionable plan that aligns stakeholders to drive the transformation that matters to your organization, whether you want to nurture a high-performance organization, foster culture, and diversity, accelerate innovation, or ensure successful adoption of technologies like Copilot and AI. Take away prescriptive product guidance from experts, inspiration from thought leaders and real-world learnings from peers across industries.



Microsoft Viva [sessions]

Here’s a quick rundown of sessions to learn more about Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform (EXP) built for the AI era.



:cool: Register today | Note: Use the MSFTCOMMUNITY discount code to save $100 USD.


Microsoft Teams, Rooms, and Mesh [sessions]

Get a sneak peek into the Teams experience at M365Con. The sessions span the breadth of Teams so you will be able to explore the newest product capabilities, get your questions answered, and learn how you can supercharge the who, where, and how of work with Microsoft Teams.



Diversity & Inclusion, and Adoption [events & sessions]

At Microsoft, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is central to our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. The vast diversity of cultures, communities, and community concerns presents an opportunity to advance D&I on a global scale, while also remaining contextually relevant at the local level. We invite you to join in the below sessions, to engage with new perspectives, learn adoption and deployment best practices, and share stories about how real-life business users, IT Pros, and developers around the world navigate modern work and the era of AI. 



Microsoft 365 administration, deployment, and governance [sessions]

As the backbone of any modern organization, your role is to ensure your users are most productive while maximizing value from your current investments. With the rapid evolution and adoption of AI, you are facing new challenges and opportunities. The below sessions provide a wealth of news and technical knowledge to help you keep up with the latest trends, best practices, and solutions for managing and optimizing your IT environment.



Developer [sessions]

Developers are resilient, find ways to adapt, and create amazing applications while having fun and helping everyone. Microsoft is unique in the industry and provides the world’s most comprehensive developer toolkit and platform to support your journey as a developer, no matter where you are. The below sessions give you insights and guidance for extending Copilot, SharePoint, and Teams – along with benefits of our core frameworks, methods, and opportunities.



:cool: Register today | Note: Use the MSFTCOMMUNITY discount code to save $100 USD.


Full-day, Microsoft-supported workshops [all times listed in PT]
The learning and skilling continue, on your own time. Take a deep dive into technology to help refine your practices and bring learnings back to your team and organization to extend the application and use of your Microsoft 365 investment. All Microsoft 365 Conference workshops either take place pre-event on Sunday (April.28) or Monday (April.29) or post-event on Friday (May.3).



See the full list of 18 workshops available on the pre days and post day.


Get the most out of M365Con: Top five tips while attending

  1. Introduce yourself | Unique perspectives await, including yours.
  2. Attend as much as you can | Laptops down, eyes open – depth learning, tips, and tricks abound.
  3. Share what you know |Your knowledge saves time – pay it forward.
  4. Ask questions, share feedback | Your issues and  ideas Inform us and influence the roadmap.
  5. Hydrate and dress for steps | Keep the brain healthy and mind active.
  6. BONUS | Update your LinkedIn profile and photo | Best reflect your professional experience and growing technical aptitude.


Learn more

Visit M365Conf.com and follow the action on X/Twitter: @M365Conf / #M365Con, @Microsoft365@MSFTCopilot, @SharePoint@OneDrive, @MicrosoftTeams, @MSPowerPlat, @Microsoft365Dev, and @MSFTAdoption.


Join in: The Microsoft 365 Community Conference in Orlando, FL | April 30 - May 2, 2024 | aka.ms/M365Conf24 – Sponsored by Microsoft.Join in: The Microsoft 365 Community Conference in Orlando, FL | April 30 - May 2, 2024 | aka.ms/M365Conf24 – Sponsored by Microsoft.

I hope you will join us in Orlando for what will be a fantastic week! I am looking forward to the action alongside the community, MVPs, and Microsoft product members from Copilot, Teams, Office, SharePoint, OneDrive, Loop, Viva, Power Platform, Lists, Planner, and more.


Take a moment and listen through the eyes of attendees and their thoughts on the 2023 event:

Remember, Microsoft customers can use the discount code MSFTCOMMUNITY to save $100 USD off your conference registration. Register today :cool:


A little bonus if you made it this far ;). I recently joined one of the weekly Microsoft 365 – Power Platform community calls to share, “Inside planning for the Microsoft 365 Community Conference” – to highlight the Microsoft content plan, our focus on community, the value of feedback opps, badging/prizes, info about the evening party, and more:



Cheers and see you there,

Mark Kashman, senior product manager – Microsoft

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