Junk Dimension: What Is It And Why It’s Anything But Junk

Junk Dimension: What Is It And Why It’s Anything But Junk

In the world of data modeling, the term "junk dimension" might seem misnomer, as it gives the impression of a technique you'd want to steer clear of. However, this approach is actually quite useful. In this post, we explore what junk dimension is, and why it's actually anything but junk.

The concept of junk dimensions is a data modeling technique used to simplify complex tables. It involves consolidating fields that would typically require separate dimensions. By bringing these fields together in a single table, we can reduce table sizes, increase processing speeds, and simplify reporting.

So, the next time you encounter the term "junk dimension," don't let the name fool you. Instead, consider it as a useful tool in your data modeling toolbox.

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