Episode 77: Securing Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Episode 77: Securing Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

In episode 77, Michael, Mark and Gladys are joined by Anthony Shaw to explore the topic of securing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions. They delve into the best practices and tooling for securing IaC, providing valuable insights for those seeking to secure their organization's infrastructure.

Amid the discussion of IaC security, the team also covers the latest security news, ranging from DDoS and Cosmos DB to Load Balancer, Zero Trust, and Internet-facing device discovery. Sarah is absent from the episode as she presents at BlackHat in Singapore.

Whether you're an IT security professional or just someone interested in keeping up with the latest security trends, this episode provides a wealth of information.

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The Azure Security Podcast
The Azure Security Podcast

A twice-monthly podcast dedicated to all things relating to Security, Privacy, Compliance and Reliability on the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Hosted by Microsoft security experts, Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriguez and Mark Simos. https://azsecuritypodcast.net/ ©2020-2021 Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriquez, and Mark Simos.

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