O'Reilly Media report: Azure Confidential Computing and Zero Trust

O'Reilly Media report: Azure Confidential Computing and Zero Trust

We are excited to announce the publication of our first O'Reilly Media report: Azure Confidential Computing and Zero Trust. We felt a need to make it clear to our customers, and the industry as a whole, what confidential computing is, how it relates to the foundational principles of zero trust, what use cases it enables, and the depth and breadth of confidential computing in Azure. 


Confidential computing is the processing of data in a hardware based and attested trusted execution environment (TEE). This helps enforce zero-trust principles down to the hardware level in several ways. For example, it supports the principle of enforce least privileged access by ensuring only the software that writes to a memory location may read it or write over it. It also supports the principle of always verify access through the confidential computing requirement of attestation of the TEE. This allows the good state of the TEE hardware and software to be verified before sensitive data is unlocked and available for processing. And finally, it supports the principle of assume breach by removing the cloud provider's host OS and hypervisor from software that must be trusted. 


Our report contains several links to industry standards, our ACC case studies, and other reference material. Please take a look and share with your colleagues!




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Azure Confidential Computing Blog articles
Azure Confidential Computing Blog articles

Azure Confidential Computing Blog articles

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