What Are Deep Neural Networks

What Are Deep Neural Networks

Do you ever wonder how Facebook knows whom to tag in your photos or how Siri comprehends your commands? The answer is Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). DNNs are a type of artificial intelligence that perform complex tasks, such as recognizing patterns or translating languages.

They are modeled after the brain's neural networks, designed to learn and adapt to new data. Each layer of a DNN processes the information and learns to extract the most important features, passing them on to the next layer. This process continues until the network can accurately identify the object or understand the language it's processing.

This innovative technology enables machines to understand how humans communicate and interact with the world, making it possible for them to recognize faces, voices, and interpret languages. So, if you are curious to know how these magical AI-powered devices function, then DNNs might catch your interest, and you’ll get to know them better after reading this post on Enterprise DNA.

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