Desktop tools for developing with Azure Cosmos DB | Azure Friday

In this episode of Azure Friday, you'll discover a variety of desktop tools for developing with Azure Cosmos DB that streamline the development process and make building and querying your databases efficient and effective. Whether you're new to Azure Cosmos DB or a seasoned veteran, these tools provide multiple options for interacting with your databases that integrate directly into your existing workflows.

You'll learn about several tools, including the Azure Cosmos DB Emulator, Azure Storage Explorer, and Data Migration Assistant, all of which render it easier to create, iterate and manage your databases with minimum hassle. The video is succinct and informative, with demos showcasing the functionalities of each tool explained in a way that makes the video easy to follow, and helpful for anyone seeking to streamline Azure Cosmos DB development.

So if you're looking to make your Cosmos DB development process more efficient, be sure to check out this video and its host of helpful tools.

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