Create A Delimited List In Power Query – Query Editor Tutorial

Create A Delimited List In Power Query – Query Editor Tutorial

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a delimited list using Power Query in a step-by-step manner. The Enterprise DNA Forum posed a question about creating a product list for each distinct customer. Through Power Query, you can easily achieve this. The tutorial includes a video which demonstrates the entire process.

Learning how to create a delimited list is a must-have skill for anyone working with Power Query. The process enables you to manipulate and analyze data more efficiently by grouping certain data sets together and presenting them as one field - making the data more structured and easier to read.

If you're interested in improving your data processing skills using Power Query, this tutorial is an excellent resource. It will teach you not only the mechanics of creating a delimited list, but also how it can be utilized to improve your data analysis and reporting practices.

Overall, this tutorial offers an excellent opportunity for those wanting to upskill in Power Query and add another string to their bow.

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