How to Check Python Version – Windows, Mac, Linux

How to Check Python Version – Windows, Mac, Linux

If you're a Python programmer, it's crucial to know which version of Python you have installed in your system. This knowledge can help you run and debug your code efficiently, among other benefits. Fortunately, there are various ways to quickly determine your Python version irrespective of your machine's operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) as outlined in this tutorial.

You can use command-line tools, such as the Python executable command or Advanced Package Tool (APT), to check your version easily. Alternatively, by running a script using the sys and platform Pythons modules, you can reveal your Python version. Also, some Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) like PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, and Jupyter Notebook can display your Python version with a few clicks.

Mastering the art of checking your Python version can come in handy when working on projects, collaborating with other developers, or installing new packages. In essence, it's a vital skill every Python programmer should have, regardless of their level of expertise.

Check out this tutorial to learn more about How to Check Python Version – Windows, Mac, Linux.

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