Showing Cumulative Total Up to a Specific Date in Power BI | Enterprise DNA

Showing Cumulative Total Up to a Specific Date in Power BI | Enterprise DNA

If you are struggling with calculating a cumulative total up to a specific date for your budgeting reports in Power BI, this tutorial is here to help. In this tutorial, you will learn a specific technique to calculate a cumulative total and budgeting information for your reports. This frequently asked question in the Enterprise DNA Support Forum is common among users looking to tailor their reports to only show data up to a certain date. By following the step-by-step instructions in this tutorial, you will be able to present cumulative totals that meet specific date criteria with ease.

To fully understand this technique, you can watch the complete video tutorial located at the bottom of the blog post. Whether you are a seasoned Power BI user or just starting, this tutorial can help you improve your reporting skills in a real-world scenario.

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