Can GPT AI Help Us Build Flows in Power Automate?

In this intriguing video, the presenter explores the use of GPT AI functionality to boost productivity and smooth the process of building flows in Power Automate. By utilizing natural language and posing questions to the Power Automate chatbot, the presenter strives to demonstrate the efficacy of such an approach.

As the video progresses, the presenter walks through the process of building flows, using GPT AI to streamline complex tasks and automate repetitive processes. By showcasing various real-life examples, the presenter makes a compelling case for the integration of GPT AI within the workflow of Power Automate, laying out the benefits and potential drawbacks of this innovative approach.

If you're interested in exploring the ways modern AI technology can enhance and streamline your existing workflows, this video is not to be missed. It serves as a fascinating glimpse into the future of productivity and automation, outlining new possibilities for those willing to embrace change and explore the latest technological advancements.

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April Dunnam
April Dunnam

Process Automation Princess. SharePoint Siren. Karaoke Queen. A woman who codes, but teaches others to build apps and automation with zero code. April is a ...

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