Exploring Microsoft Copilot: My Weeklong Review

In this video, the author shares their experience of using Microsoft Copilot for a week. Copilot is the newest AI tool from Microsoft that has been making headlines recently. It can help developers write code by suggesting relevant code snippets based on the context of what the developer is writing.

Despite initial skepticism about integrating yet another AI tool into their workflow, the author was impressed with Copilot's capabilities. They found that it was able to suggest code that was not only relevant but also saved them time and effort.

However, the author also noted that Copilot isn't perfect and needs to be used with caution. Sometimes it suggested incorrect code that would not compile, and in some cases, suggested code that had security vulnerabilities. Thus, it's important to thoroughly test and vet the code suggested by Copilot before integrating it into a project.

The video serves as a great introduction to Microsoft Copilot and provides valuable insights into the pros and cons of using this AI tool in coding workflows.

The link to the video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV4mUA26tco

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