Revisiting Custom Connectors

Revisiting Custom Connectors

Custom connectors are an essential tool in the world of data analytics, enabling seamless integration between various data sources. However, even experienced developers can encounter issues when setting up connectors configured with OAuth 2.0 authentication. In this post, the author shares their recent experiences in troubleshooting such an issue and emphasizes the importance of mastering custom connectors.

The author recognizes that they have learned a lot since their last post about custom connectors and aims to share their new-found knowledge through a series of upcoming blog posts. By revisiting this critical subject, they hope to provide readers with the insights they need to build reliable and robust custom connectors that can handle complex authentication scenarios with ease.

So, if you're a data professional looking to deepen your understanding of custom connectors, stay tuned for the upcoming blog series. The author promises to offer valuable insights that can enhance your data analytics capabilities and help you tackle issues head-on.

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Carina M. Claesson – Power Platform findings and thoughts
Carina M. Claesson – Power Platform findings and thoughts

Power Platform findings and thoughts

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