Why & How You should start your career in the Data Field? #shorts #data #powerbi #career

This video gives you a concise answer to the question that might be lingering in your head about starting your career in the data field.

The video explores the reasons why starting a career in data is a wise choice. It highlights the increasing demand for data professionals in the job market, making it a lucrative sector. Furthermore, it emphasizes how data is a prominent factor in several aspects of businesses, making it a crucial skill to possess.

The video also offers insights on how to go about starting a career in data. It highlights the importance of building fundamental skills such as data analysis, programming, and project management essential to excel in the data field. Additionally, it highlights the significance of practical experience, which can be acquired through internships, volunteering, or shadowing experienced experts.

If you're curious about starting a career in data, this video is a great place to start your research. It provides valuable insights into why and how you can start your journey in the data field.

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