AJ Ansari on The MVP Show

AJ Ansari on The MVP Show

In this episode of "The MVP Show," AJ Ansari opens up about his life and family background, his journey into technology, and his Dynamics 365 Business Central and Power Platform background. The conversation also covers topics such as AJ's involvement in ERP software, his start as a marketing intern, and how he became a Microsoft MVP. Listeners will also learn about AJ's interests in Power BI and Power wraps, as well as modern development techniques for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The episode also highlights some of AJ's passion projects, including Microsoft Project Madeira and AgileXRm, as well as resources such as his GitHub and the Power Community. If you're looking to become a Microsoft MVP, you'll find value in the Microsoft MVP YouTube Series and the 90-Day Mentoring Challenge.

This conversation between AJ Ansari and Mark Smith dives deep into technology and Microsoft's various offerings, making it essential listening for anyone who wants to stay updated on the latest trends in this space.

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Microsoft Business Applications Podcast
Microsoft Business Applications Podcast

The Microsoft Business Applications Podcast is an education, technology, business and career podcast for the Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and those that work with these digital transformation tools. The format is guest interviews with Microsoft, Community, and experts who work with Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Dataverse and Power Virtual Agents. The podcast has three shows that are released twice weekly. #Power365Show #PowerPlatformShow #MVPShow https://podcast.nz365guy.com

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