Desktop Flows: Adding Comments With Power Automate

Desktop Flows: Adding Comments With Power Automate

If you want to make your Power Automate Desktop flows more understandable to your users, adding comments can be a great way to achieve this. Despite the current lack of an in-built commenting feature in Power Automate desktop flows, this blog equips you with the information you need to work around this limitation.

The goal of inserting comments is to create an audit trail that explains your Power Automate Desktop flow to others who may be viewing or taking over the flow. By using the tips provided in this tutorial, you can learn to craft meaningful comments that enhance the user experience and improve collaboration.

Additionally, the blog includes a video tutorial which provides a step-by-step guide to adding comments in Power Automate Desktop flows.

Don't let the lack of a commenting feature hold back your Power Automate Desktop flows any longer. Check out this tutorial to take your flow to the next level.

Click here to continue reading the blog and learn how to add comments with Power Automate at Enterprise DNA.

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