Accessible Data Storytelling with Power BI: Design Concepts and Accessible Colours

Accessible Data Storytelling with Power BI: Design Concepts and Accessible Colours

This post highlights the importance of accessibility and design concepts as to allow users to engage successfully with a report in Power BI. The report discussed in the post is developed on open data published by the World Bank to explore global trends in wealth and health. Color blindness being a common issue affecting up to 1 in 12 males and 1 in 200 females, the video walks through the report from a visual design perspective, showcasing how concepts such as accessibility, branding, visual design, color palette choice, interactivity, and page layout all play an important role in data storytelling with Power BI. The report is also available for viewing on the Power BI Community Data Storytelling Gallery, and a high-level walk-through is also provided.

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