Chat with Wyn Hopkins

Wyn is a Microsoft MVP, Author, Speaker in the Power BI & Excel space. His goal is to make life easier for people & improving the quality of i...

1 year ago

Chat with Mathias Thierbach

Mathias is the creator of pbi.tools and a German expat in the UK. His CV is quite exciting: from a philosophy student, to a degree in literatu...

1 year ago

Chat with Tom Martens

Tom is one of the most competent Power BI experts I have had the pleasure to meet. We have known each other for many years and I was very happ...

1 year ago

Chat with Nikola Ilic

Nikola is a data and BI professional with experience from very large data projects. He is a vibrant part of the Power BI Community and just a ...

1 year ago

Chat with Imke Feldmann

Imke is a freelance Power BI and especially Power Query expert with many years of experience in controlling and finance.

1 year ago

Chat with Rob Collie

In this podcast, you'll be chatting with Rob Collie, who had the distinction of being the first person to carry the Power BI torch way back in...

2 years ago

Chat with Jeffrey Wang

Jeffrey Wang is a Principal Software Engineer Manager at Microsoft. He leads the development of DAX (Data Analysis eXpressions) programming la...

3 years ago

Chat with Alberto Ferrari

Alberto Ferrari is a Business Intelligence consultant. He is also a speaker in international conferences like European PASS Conference and PAS...

3 years ago

Carsten Bange & Stefan Sexl about BARC's powerBImap

The powerBImap is "The world‘s most comprehensive guide to the Power BI ecosystem" and it - like the whole Power BI platform - constatly growi...

3 years ago

Justyna Lucznik about AI in Power BI

In this podcast, Justyna Lucznik shares insights about the capabilities and limitations of integrating AI in Power BI. The discussion centers ...

3 years ago
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