Microsoft Viva: A new feature to manage users in Viva Engage (View-only mode)

Microsoft Viva: A new feature to manage users in Viva Engage (View-only mode)

Microsoft Viva is introducing a new feature to manage users in Viva Engage. Starting in July 2024, Viva Engage will introduce a view-only mode, where administrators can restrict users' ability to create or edit content. Users in view-only mode will still have access to content and receive notifications but cannot create or edit any content, including new communities, posts, comments, replies and reactions. This feature is located in the Engage admin center under the Governance and Compliance tab and will be recorded in the M365 audit logs. The user's view-only status is not shared with anyone else in the network, except for the admins. Access to SharePoint sites and files in Engage are not affected by this mode. This feature will be rolled out from early July 2024 to late August 2024. Network, Engage, and Global admins can add and remove users from view-only mode.

Overall, this feature will allow for better user management in Viva Engage, granting greater control to administrators over content creation and editing.

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