Expedite non-security updates in Windows 11

Expedite non-security updates in Windows 11

With Microsoft Intune or Microsoft Graph, you can now speed up non-security updates in Windows 11. Previously, you could only expedite security updates, but now you can also improve the stability, functionality, and performance of your devices by addressing quality issues before the next security update. To prepare for this, check out the prerequisites and read through the new article titled "Expedite non-security updates in Windows 11."

This capability is available for Windows 11, and it allows you to obtain many critical fixes quickly and deploy out-of-band (OOB) updates to devices faster than ever. If you use Microsoft Intune, it is recommended that you check the prerequisites outlined in "Use Intune to expedite Windows quality updates," while those who prefer to use Microsoft Graph to speed up Windows updates should ensure that their devices meet prerequisites, including running Windows 11, installing the update described in KB4023057, and meeting the requirements for the deployment service. You can verify that your devices meet the prerequisites for receiving an expedited update by using the Readiness test for expediting updates.

To get the most out of expedited Windows quality updates, it is important to review best practices and learn more about device readiness checks. By leveraging this feature, you can quickly enhance the performance and functionality of your Windows 11 devices. For more information, check out the article "Expedite non-security updates in Windows 11" and the M365 Admin website.

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