Changes to Power BI Copilot Settings for Tenants | Upcoming Update

Changes to Power BI Copilot Settings for Tenants | Upcoming Update

Starting in late May 2024, all tenants will have their Power BI setting for Copilot features enabled by default, making access to Copilot more efficient through capacity admins. To ensure privacy, the Abuse monitoring feature has been updated. Follow the link provided to learn more about the upcoming changes and how to opt-out before May 20th,2024.

With the default enablement of Copilot features, tenants that haven't previously modified the setting will now have access to the tool within Power BI, streamlining natural language tasks more efficiently. The tenant setting will also be automatically delegated to capacity admins, improving the management process. For those wishing to turn off the feature, steps are provided to opt-out or enable for a security group containing only admins.

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