Announcing the retirement of legacy Power BI Apps (pre-audiences)

Announcing the retirement of legacy Power BI Apps (pre-audiences)

Users of legacy Power BI apps (pre-audiences) should note that these apps will no longer be supported after May 1, 2024. Instead, users are encouraged to upgrade or rebuild their apps using Power BI apps with audiences. Technical support for legacy apps will subsequently cease after the deadline. While there will be no immediate forceful upgrade of all apps to the new Power BI apps with audiences, embracing the change and upgrading will ensure that users continue to have access to the latest features and support from Power BI's team. Changes and improvements made to the new version have been explained in a link provided. Power BI wishes to support users' transition to the new version of Power BI apps with audiences.

For a comprehensive breakdown of the changes and how to upgrade, you can read the details provided in the link. The retirement of legacy Power BI apps is aimed at optimizing the structure of Power BI apps to improve content visibility, content management, and the selection of audience groups. This change is essential for users, experts and beginners alike, who wish to access the latest features of Power BI apps. The post Announcing the retirement of legacy Power BI Apps (pre-audiences) was published on M365 Admin.

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