Microsoft Viva Connections: Advanced analytics

Microsoft Viva Connections: Advanced analytics

Microsoft Viva Connections is set to up its game with advanced analytics available from early April 2024. The enhanced analytics will provide daily and aggregated data for 90 days, monthly data covering the last 12 months, and retention and returning user metrics month-over-month. Organizations with Microsoft Viva Suite or Microsoft Viva Communications and Communities licenses for their users will have automatic access to these new analytics via the existing Viva Connections analytics page, which can be accessed through Viva Connections on desktop or through Settings on the org home site. Note that advanced analytics will only be available to organizations with the appropriate licenses.

Organizations need not take any admin action, as the rollout will happen automatically by the specified date. However, it may be useful to keep your users updated and refer to relevant documentation as necessary. For more information, visit the Viva Connections analytics page on Microsoft Learn.

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