Introducing Slash Commands in Microsoft Teams Compose Box | M365 Admin

Introducing Slash Commands in Microsoft Teams Compose Box | M365 Admin

Microsoft Teams is introducing new slash commands for easier message composition and navigation within Teams. The rollout for these commands is expected to start in mid-May 2024 for Targeted Release and mid-June 2024 for General Availability. This update comes with no admin action required, but it is recommended to inform users of this new feature. Slash commands expedite workflows by providing shortcuts for composing messages, navigating in Teams, and accomplishing routine tasks.

To access the menu of slash commands, simply enter a forward slash in the compose box. Examples of slash commands include /code for adding a code block to your message, /mute to mute the chat, /loop for incorporating a loop component in the message, and /settings to navigate to settings. This rollout applies to Teams on Desktop, Teams for the Web, and Teams for Mac.

The rollout will happen automatically by the specified date with no admin action needed before the rollout. However, notifying users of this change and updating relevant documentation as necessary is recommended. The message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 120469.

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