Microsoft Viva: Viva Engage – Copilot Adoption Community

Microsoft Viva: Viva Engage – Copilot Adoption Community

Microsoft Viva is introducing a new feature in Engage aimed at simplifying the M365 Copilot adoption process. This new feature creates a community of practice where employees can seek support from both their peers and IT admins, ask questions, share best practices, and learn more about how to use Copilot through articles and quick tips. The community comes with a set-up checklist, suggested content, suggested members based on Copilot license assignment, and other features like conversation starters and top Q&As to help with community member engagement. This templatized Copilot adoption community is designed to make it easier for community managers to oversee adoption and take away much of the work involved. The feature is set to release in May CY2024.

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