New Content Updates in Microsoft Viva Learning and Copilot Academy | M365 Admin

New Content Updates in Microsoft Viva Learning and Copilot Academy | M365 Admin

Microsoft Viva Learning is expanding its content and language options, with new resources available in Copilot Academy and the addition of seven new languages. Admins can manage these features in the Manage Academies and Manage Providers sections, with rollout beginning in mid-May and completion expected by late May 2024. Copilot Academy will offer new learning resources automatically available to its users, along with the new content curated within Viva Learning. The new languages added include French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese (Simplified). Users can access the new resources and language options in Copilot Academy and discover new courses in Viva Learning. Admins have the option to disable Microsoft Copilot Academy and the External content provider from the Admin tab in Viva Learning. It is recommended to follow the provided instructions if an organization does not want its users to have access.

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