Microsoft Teams: Access other apps and websites while using annotations

Microsoft Teams: Access other apps and websites while using annotations

Microsoft Teams is introducing an update to the annotations feature that enables users to interact with apps and websites while screen-sharing without interrupting the ongoing annotation session. This feature will be rolled out by the end of May 2024, and users will be informed of the update without any admin action needed. Presenters who are annotating during a screen-sharing meeting now have the option to interact with underlying content by clicking the "Interacting with background" button in the annotations toolbar. The annotation session will continue while the presenter interacts with other content on their screen, such as websites and other apps. Annotations in the meeting will be hidden while interacting with other content, but users can return to the annotation session by selecting any annotation tool like the laser pointer or inking tools. This update applies to new Teams for the web and Teams for desktop and does not apply to Teams for iOS or Android.

For organizations that rely on Microsoft Teams for collaboration and screen-sharing, this update can make the process smoother and more seamless, allowing for greater interactivity and ease of use.

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