Microsoft Teams Auto Attendant integrated with Address Book Search

Microsoft Teams Auto Attendant integrated with Address Book Search

Microsoft Teams' Auto Attendant search feature is receiving an upgrade, as it is being integrated with the main Address Book search of Microsoft products. This update aligns search results with Exchange and other Microsoft product searches, and tenant Address Book settings in Exchange will impact searches performed through Auto Attendant. The rollout for this new feature will commence in late May 2024, with no action required by administrators prior to the rollout. This integration supports Microsoft's commitment to enhancing user experience and safeguarding user data. Users may want to update relevant documentation as appropriate in preparation for this update.

For more information on hiding and unhiding users from the Address Book, refer to Manage address lists in Exchange Online on Microsoft Learn, and to learn about Auto Attendant searches, refer to the Auto attendant and Call queue dialing and voice recognition reference on Microsoft Teams on Microsoft Learn.

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