Microsoft Whiteboard: @mentions in comments

Microsoft Whiteboard: @mentions in comments

Microsoft Whiteboard is introducing a new feature that allows users to @mention other users within their tenant in comments. This new feature will roll out worldwide in early April 2024 and is expected to be completed by late April 2024. Users will receive notifications via email and Outlook when they are mentioned in comments and will see badges on comments for mentions and unread replies. This feature will make it easier to collaborate with team members within the same tenant and improve communication within Microsoft Whiteboard for users. It is important to note that no admin action is required for this update. Users can @mention other users in the text of a comment by typing an "@" symbol followed by the user's name. In addition to this new feature, Microsoft Whiteboard will provide users with a teaching callout to inform them of the new @mention feature and a new red badge on comments with a number of unread replies. This rollout will happen automatically, and users do not need to take any admin action, but they may want to notify their users about this change and update any relevant documentation as appropriate.

Overall, this new @mention feature in Microsoft Whiteboard will be great for team collaboration and streamline communication within the application by allowing users to mention others within their tenant and get notified when they are mentioned in comments.

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